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Virus Diseases of Citrus & Management

Author Name : Y.S. Ahlawat


  • Publisher : Studium Press (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Edition : 1st
  • ISBN 13 : 978-93-80012-24-7
  • Page no : 343
  • Publication Year : 2012

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I have been actively working on virus and virus-like diseases of citrus for the last 35 years. It had been long felt need by citrus virologists in India and abroad to bring out a comprehensive publication on virus and virus-like pathogens infecting citrus with special emphasis to the research work done in the Indian subcontinent which is considered as home of citrus. Therefore, I decided to write my experiences on citrus viruses gained in India and abroad. While working at the University of California, Riverside, INRA, Bordeaux, France, and several research Institutes in Brazil and my visits to CREC, University of Florida, Australia, China and some other places, I gained on hand experience on several citrus diseases which have not been reported from India like stubborn, citrus blight, leprosies, variegated chlorosis and several others. During my research career, it has been my privilege to work on several National and International projects on human resource development and diagnostics in the field of citrus virology. I gained long exposure on virus and virus like diseases working on Advanced Centre for Plant Virology at Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi and its Regional stations at Shimla and Kalimpong. To avoid introduction of viruses through the movement of citrus germplasm, (IOCV), FAO, and IBPGR jointly published FAO/IBPGR Technical Guidelines for the Safe Movement of Citrus Germplasm (Frison and Taher, 1991) and the author was also a member of this team. This document is serving citrus industry to check virus movement with planting material or through citrus germplasm from one country to another or from one region to another region. There are eight chapters in this book: Introduction, Virus diseases of known etiology, Virus diseases of unknown etiology, Other graft transmissible diseases of citrus, Diseases caused by prokaryotes, Diseases caused by viroids and the final chapter on management of virus and virus-like diseases of citrus. Detailed information has been provided on distribution and economic impotance of these diseases. Each chapter carries information on disease symptoms, transmission, vector(s) host range including wild and natural hosts, indicators, pathogens associated with these diseases, their taxonomic position, diagnosis and management. At the end of each chapter related figures have been given. In total 37 Figures and 53 colour plates have been put in this publication which is a rare collection. This publication should be of value to the students and teachers of plant virology, plant Pathology, and horticulture for diagnosis and management of citrus diseases and to study virus and virus-like pathogens associated with citrus diseases.
Title Virus Diseases of Citrus & Management
Table of Content Foreword. Acknowledgement. About the Author. Preface. Introduction. Virus Diseases with Known Aetiology: Citrus psorosis. Citrus tristeza. Crinkly leaf. Infectious variegation. Citrus leaf rugose. Citrus leprosis and zonate chlorosis. Satsuma dwarf. Citrus mosaic. Navel orange infectious mottling. Vein enation and woody galls. Tatter leaf = citrange stunt. Indian citrus ringspot. Citrus ringspot. Citrus yellow mosaic. Pummelo yellow vein mosaic. Citrus yellow vein clearing. Dweet mottle = Citrus leaf blotch. Virus Diseases of unknown Aetiology: Citrus blight. Concave gum – Blind pocket. Citrus chlorotic dwarf. Citrus Impietratura. Citrus yellow vein. Citrus leaf curl. Cristacortis. Leathery leaf. Multiple sprouting. Citrus dieback. Bud union crease. Citrus measles. Kassala disease. Rio Grande gummosis. Citrus sudden death. Other Graft Transmissible Disease of Citrus: Algerian navel orange virus. Brittle twig yellows. Yellow mottle. Fatal yellows. Fovea. Grapefruit bark scaling. Milam lemon stem pitting. Nagami Kumquat disease. Citrus Diseases Caused by Prokaryotes: Huanglongbing (greening) disease. Citrus Variegated Chlorosis. Citrus Diseases Caused by Mollicutes: Citrus stubborn. Citrus Witches’ broom. Citrus rubberywood. Citrus Diseases Caused by Viroids: Citrus exocortis. Cachexia. Citrus yellow corky vein. Gummy bark. Gum pocket–gummy pitting. Shell bark. Dwarfing of citrus trees. Citrus bent leaf. Management of Citrus Virus and Virus-like Diseases. Annexures 1 and 2. Subject Index
Page No. 343
Author's Name Y.S. Ahlawat
Publisher Studium Press (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Year Of Publication 2012
ISBN 10 No
ISBN 13 978-93-80012-24-7
About The Book No
Binding type No
Book Size(len) No
Series No
book size(hei) 9.7
Book size width 6.2
Edition 1st

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