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Societal Spectra 

Author Name : Virendra Kumar Goswami 


  • Publisher : Studium Press (India) Pvt. Ltd
  • Edition : 1st
  • ISBN 13 : 9789385046308
  • Page no : 286
  • Publication Year : 2019

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Right from the day one, from the time immemorial man is in search of light i.e enlightenment. The search kept on adding as per the necessity resulting newer inventions. After the invention, the cycle of three is i.e improvement, innovation and invention got set in. It’s a belief that God sent initially the two human beings; men and women on this planet Earth on the day one of the creation of this beautiful universe. The number of human beings got added gradually with the periodicity and the society got emerged. Apart from the numerous things in the Universe; the first two human beings witnesses Day and Night along with Sun and Moon as the main sources of light. The Innovative human mind, in due course of time, found that the light appearing white in color is an admixture of seven colors in sequence of VIBGYOR (Violet, Indigo, Blue, Grey Yellow, Orange, Red) acronym visible region (VR). With the addition of Ultra Violet (UV) and Infra Red (IR) regions resulting the emergence of Solar Spectra. The book entitled “Societal Spectra” is nothing but a kind of spectra of our Society enlightened by the Solar Spectra. “Societal Spectra” is of heterogeneous in nature resulting with different colors of the society. It’s a garland of flowers of our Society picked up from the different garden by the expert Gardens. This “Societal Spectra” emerges with the beautiful colored flowers of Science –spirituality Peace, Defense, Space crafts, Railway, Agriculture, Metaphysics, Physical needs of men in the Visible Region (VR); expanding BOKOHARAM, Religious Intellectuals into the Infra Red (IR) and “Fallen Woman” Languages, Flight are covering the Ultra Violet (UV) region of the envisaged “Societal Spectra” of our colorful Society.We all humble Gardeners are confident that our erudite Readers would like and appreciate our humble endeavor of picking up the colorful fruitful flowers from the Gardens of positive human minds with the sole aim to get enlightened the Society through the “Societal Spectra” Garland in order to radiate love, peace, harmony to the humanity in totality.
Table of Content About the Author-Preface-1. Synchronization of Science, Sprituality and Peace – 2. Smart Defense Solution for Defense Personnel –3. A Brief Review on Electric Propulsion for – Spacecrafts4. Acting Loads and Stiffness in High-Speed Railway –Infrastructure: Theoretical Analysis vs Observations 5. The “Fallen Woman” in Selected Nineteenth- – Century British Fiction 6. An Overview to the Physical Needs of Man, The –Universe and Its Twelve Categories7. Substance in Plato’s Metaphysics –8. Carnap’s Internal-External Questions: It’s –Implication for Language9. Boko Haram and Ethno-Religious Hypocrisy in –Nigeria: Building on a Faulty Foundation 10. Approach of Religious Intellectuals Regarding to Religion Function Before and After Islamic – Revolution in Iran11. The Fight –12. Agri and Dairy Entrepreneurship and Rural –Livelihood of the Sample Farmers in North 24Parganas District, West Bengal- Subject Index
Series No
Title Societal Spectra 
Author's Name Virendra Kumar Goswami 
Publisher Studium Press (India) Pvt. Ltd
Page No. 286
Year Of Publication 2019
ISBN 10 No
ISBN 13 9789385046308
Book size width 9.5
book size(hei) 6.5
Edition 1st
Book Size(len) No
Binding type Hard bound
About The Book No

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