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Recent Progress in Medicinal Plants Volume 20: Phytopharmacology and Therapeutic Values II

Author Name : J.N. Govil, V.K. Singh and Rajeev Kr Sharma


  • Publisher : Studium Press LLC
  • Edition : 1st
  • ISBN 10 : 1-9336991-0-8
  • Page no : 462
  • Publication Year : 2008

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From contagious disease & behavioral problems to diet and skin care the herb describes over 275 common childhood complaints, illness and health related issues, both to treat and to avoid problems. Not only in India but also in many other countries of the world, plants have played significant and prominent role as medicine. The discovery of useful medicines such as reserpine, berberine, quinine, curare, cocaine etc. or intermediates such as the steroidal sapogenins has added impetus to the ongoing investigations of natural products. The second half of the twentieth century has witnessed resurgence in the study of natural products with emphasis on biogenesis, plant physiology, structural configuration and synthesis of many of the well-known compounds. Based on this rationale, the present volume has been compiled and presents 23 research and review papers from eminent scientists in India and abroad. Some interesting reports included in this publication are: Perspective in bioflavonoids A review. Classification of herbal anti-diabetics based on mechanism of action and chemical constituents. Effect of American ginseng and Asian ginseng in reducing blood glucose level and body weight. Evaluation of Hypoglycemic and chronic wound healing activity of Cecropia peltata on streptozotocin induced diabetic rats. Cardio-protection by Bael (Aegle marmelos). Use of Hypericin in Photodynamic applications. Rheumatoid arthritis and herbal drugs: current status and future prospects. Phytochemistry and Pharmacology of Tanacetum (compositae) a review. Chinese medicinal plants in arthritis. Pharmacological effect of Piper xanthostachyum, on Rodents. The contributions are from far and wide including Brazil, China, France, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Taiwan, Tobago, Trinidad, Turkey and USA.
Title Recent Progress in Medicinal Plants Volume 20: Phytopharmacology and Therapeutic Values II
Table of Content Perspectives in Bioflavonoids -A Review (BRAZIL),Antioxidant Effect of Cirsimarin, A Flavonoid Extracted from Microtea debilis (FRANCE), Classification of Herbal Antidiabetics Based on Mechanism of Action and Chemical Constituents (INDIA), American Ginseng and Asian Ginseng Reduce Blood Glucose Level and Body Weight (USA), Evaluation of Hypoglycemic and Chronic Wound Healing Activity of Cecropia peltata on Streptozotocin - Induced Diabetic Rats (TRINIDAD, TOBAGO), Eugenol: A New Antidepressant (JAPAN), Cardioprotection by Bael (Aegle marmelos) (INDIA),Corilagin, A Promising Natural Product to Treat Cardiovascular Diseases (CHINA),Anti-microbial Activity of Erica Species of Turkey (TURKEY),Gastroprotective Effect of Lemnan, A Pectic Polysaccharide from Lemna minor L. (RUSSIAN FEDERATION),Review on the Unique Formosan Medicinal Mushroom Taiwanofungus camphoratus (Antrodia camphorate) (TAIWAN),Review on the Medicinal Uses of Psidium guajava L. (TAIWAN),Use of Hypericin in Photodynamic Applications (SINGAPORE),Rheumatoid Arthritis and Herbal Drugs: Current Status and Future Prospects (INDIA),Phytochemistry and Pharmacology of Tanacetum Recent Developments (SPAIN), Chinese Medicinal Plants in Arthritis (HONG KONG), Phytoestrogens and Gynaecological Disorders (ITALY), Effect of Aqueous Extract of Leaves of Telfaria occidentalis on Rats (NIGERIA),Therapeutic Properties of Legume Protease Inhibitors from the Bowman-Birk Family (SPAIN, U.K.),Research Progresses on Medicinal Plants of Peperomia genus (CHINA, JAPAN). Anti-convulsant Effect of the Unripe Fruits of Musa paradisiaca in Albino Rats (INDIA),Pharmacological Effects of Piper xanthostachyum on Rodents (MEXICO),Quantum Chemical Treatment of Some Compounds of Rosemary Extracts (TURKEY)
Page No. 462
Author's Name J.N. Govil, V.K. Singh and Rajeev Kr Sharma
Publisher Studium Press LLC
Year Of Publication 2008
ISBN 10 1-9336991-0-8
ISBN 13 No
About The Book No
Binding type No
Book Size(len) No
Series No
book size(hei) 9.5
Book size width 6.3
Edition 1st

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