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Recent Progress in Medicinal Plants Volume 18: Natural Products II

Author Name : J.N. Govil, V.K. Singh and R. Bhardwaj


  • Publisher : Studium Press LLC
  • Edition : 1st
  • ISBN 10 : 1-933699-08-6
  • Page no : 484
  • Publication Year : 2007

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From the earliest times, herbs have been prized for their pain relieving and healing abilities, and today we still rely on the curative properties of plants in about 75% of our medicines. Over the centuries, societies around the world have developed their own traditions to make sense of medicinal plants and their uses. Some of these traditions and medical practices may seen strange and magical, other appear rational and sensitive, but all of them are attempts to overcome illness and suffering to enhance quality of life. Currently, there is a worldwide interest in the study and use of herbal remedies because such investigations provide important new leads on novel, active molecules of therapeutic importance. For this reason traditional plant remedies are back and find increasing application as source of direct therapeutic agents. Considerable scientific data have been generated globally in this direction and there is a spurt of publications in recent years. Based on this rationale, the present volume has been compiled and provides updated information on potential medicinal properties, action and uses of plants in order to contribute material leading to the discovery of new drugs of natural origin? The volume presents 29 researches and review papers authored by eminent scientists of India and abroad. Some interesting studies included are: Medicinal and aromatic plants: changing scenario in India. Antibacterial activity of some toxic plants of Algerian flora growing in El-Kala National Park. New perspective on herbal medicines for bacterial infections.
Title Recent Progress in Medicinal Plants Volume 18: Natural Products II
Table of Content Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: Changing Scenario in India, ( INDIA), Antibacterial Activity of Some Toxic Plants of Algerian Flora Growing in El-Kala National Park.(FRANCE), New Perspectives on Herbal Medicines for Bacterial Infection (THAILAND), Screening of Some Cameroonian Medicinal Plants for Antifungal Activity (FRANCE), The Discovery and Development of Plant Based Anti-infective Agents: An Overview (INDIA), The Biological Activity of Medicinal Plant Extract (POLAND), Oleoresins from Pistacia species: Chemistry and Biology (GREECE), Shikonin, an Active Principle of the Medicinal Plant Lithspermum erythrorhizon, is a Potent Scavenger of Peroxyradicals in Cigarette Smoke (JAPAN), Cannabinoids, Anxiety and Depression (SPAIN), Bronchodilatatory Activity of 1,8-cineol.(BRAZIL), The Potential Role of Gammadelta T cell in Asthma, Hypoglycaemic and Antidiabetic Activity of Hexanic Extract of Anacardium occidentale Leaves in Normoglycaemic and Alloxan Induced Diabetic Rats (SENEGAL), Antidiabetic Plants: Scientific Appraisal at a Glance.(INDIA), Hypoglycemic, Hypotensive and Diuretic Effects of Mulberry (Morus indica L.) Leaves (INDIA), Amelioration of Metabolic Complications Associated with Diabetes by Gymnema montanum in Alloxan Induced Rats (INDIA), Effects of Aqueous Extracts of Hyptis suaveolens Poit on Liver Function in an Experimental Rabbit Model.(NIGERIA), Anti-ulcer Effect of Leaf Extracts of Nelsonia canescens in Rats. (NIGERIA), Effects of Methanolic Extracts of Securidaca longepedunculata Leaves on the Haematologic Parameters and Some Serum Electrolytes in Wistar.Rats (NIGERIA) ), Hemolytic and In vitro Antioxidant Activity of Saponin Isolated from Euphorbia neriifolia Leaf (INDIA), Structure-Activity Relationship of Anticoagulant and Anti-angiogenic Sulfated Galactan from a Marine Green Alga, Earthworms in Bio-remediation as Protein Source (INDIA), Anti-inflammatory and Analgesic Activities of Ethanolic Extract of Chromolaena odorata Leaves (NIGERIA), Analytical Techniques and Applications for Determination of Antioxidant in Honey (JAPAN), Rapid Determination of Polyphenols and Vitamin C in Plant Derived Products (FRANCE), Health Aspects of Traditionally Processed Indigenous Edible Oils. (INDIA.), Genetic Analysis of Some Yield Components and Kernel Quality in Sweet Corn (ROMANIA), Influence of Some Environmental Factors on Growth, Development, Herb Yield and Active Substances of Feverfew cv. Zardband (IRAN), Influence of Cultivation Techniques on Root Quality and Productivity of Aswagandha (INDIA) .
Page No. 484
Author's Name J.N. Govil, V.K. Singh and R. Bhardwaj
Publisher Studium Press LLC
Year Of Publication 2007
ISBN 10 1-933699-08-6
ISBN 13 No
About The Book No
Binding type No
Book Size(len) No
Series No
book size(hei) 9.5
Book size width 6.3
Edition 1st

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