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Recent Progress in Medicinal Plants Volume 11: Drug Development from Molecules

Author Name : J.N. Govil, V.K. Singh and S K Sharma


  • Publisher : Studium Press LLC
  • Edition : 1st
  • ISBN 10 : 0-976184-93-1
  • Page no : 472
  • Publication Year : 2006

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In recent past there is a resurgence of interest in the study and use of medicinal plants. Many traditional plant based remedies are back in use and find increasing applications as (i) source of direct therapeutic agents, (ii) as raw material base for the elaboration of more complex semi- synthetic compounds, (iii) as models for new synthetic compounds and, (iv) as taxonomic markers for the discovery of new compounds. Based on this rationale the present volume presents 26 research communications based on recent worldwide studies on medicinal plants by eminent scientists broadly directed towards drug development from molecules. Some of the interesting reports included are: Plant based molecular farming for human health. Molecular targets of traditional Chinese medicines used in stroke therapy. New Anti-cancer compounds from medicinal plants. Geraniol biosynthesis in Palmarosa. Immunomodulatory effects of plant extracts. Anti-oxidant properties of Indian medicinal plants. Anti-inflammatory activity of terpenoids of Moringa graggii. Plant proteinases: Their potential as therapeutic drugs. Effects of transdermal essential oil on physiological and behavioral changes in healthy volunteers. Medicinal uses and pharmcological properties of Calotropis procera. Treatment of tropical diseases through marine invertebrates. Passionflower in therapeutics. Medicinal plants for their pest control properties. Gastroprotective effect of Parkia biglobosa. Effect of Plumbago zeylanica on some serum parameters of rat. The contributions are from far and wide including USA, Germany, Spain, China, Brazil, Mexico, Austria, Peru, Italy, Iran, Thailand, Nigeria, Nairobi and India. The volume is aimed at a wide range of audience of phytochemist, ethnobotanist, pharmacologist, medical scientists and other researchers engaged in the search of new bioactives from natural sources.
Title Recent Progress in Medicinal Plants Volume 11: Drug Development from Molecules
Table of Content Plant Based Molecular Farming for Human Health Care (INDIA). Molecular Targets of Traditional Chinese Medicines Used in Stroke Therapy (USA). Prospecting New Anti-cancer Compounds in Brazilian Medicinal Plants (BRAZIL). Protective Effect of Methanolic Extract of Milk Thistle and Silymarin Against Cisplatin-Induced Acute Nephrotoxicity in Rats (IRAN). An Overview of Geraniol Biosynthesis in Palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii Roxb. var. motia) and its Biological and Pharmacological Properties (USA). Cytotoxic Activity of Alkaloids and Nitrogen Compounds Isolated from Plants A Review (MEXICO). Immunomodulatory Effects of Plant Extracts (AUSTRIA). Modulation of Humoral and Cell Mediated Response by Albizzia lebbeck in BALB/c Mice (INDIA). Antioxidant Activity of Peruvian Medicinal Plants (PERU). Antioxidant Properties of Indian Medicinal Plants (INDIA). Anti-inflammatory Activity of Isolated Terpenoids of Mortonia greggii Gray (MEXICO). Plant Proteinases: Their Potential as Therapeutic Drugs (BRAZIL). Effects of Transdermal Essential Oil on Physiological and Behavioral Changes in Healthy Volunteers (THAILAND). Essential Oils and a Novel Polyacetylene from Eryngium yuccifolium Michx.,Activity of Various Essential Oils and Their Main Components Against L3 Larvae of Anisakis simplex S.I. (SPAIN). Effects of an Ethanolic Root Extract of Plumbago zeylanica Linn. on Some Serum Parameters of the Rat,Gastroprotective Effect of Extract of Parkia biglobosa Stem Bark on Experimental Ulceration in Rats (NIGERIA). In vitro Antimicrobial Activity of Tetracera boiviniana, an Ethnomedical Herbal Remedy Used in Malindi, Kenya (NAIROBI). Pharmacological Effects, Therapeutics Action and Folk Uses of Passionflower (INDIA). Overview of Chemical, Toxicological and Pharmacological Studies with Amburana cearensis,A Review on Croton penduliflorus Seed Extract (NIGERIA). Medicinal Uses and Pharmacological Properties of Calotropis procera (INDIA),Stilbene Phytoalexin Physiology in Grapevine (Vitis spp.) as Affected by Viticultural Factors (ITALIA). Recent Studies of Ginsenosides on Opiate-induced Dependence and Tolerance (CHINA). Preliminary screening of Turkish Plants for Their Pest Control Properties (TURKEY, USA). Marine Invertebrates: A Diverted Approach towards the Treatment of Tropical Diseases (THAILAND)
Page No. 472
Author's Name J.N. Govil, V.K. Singh and S K Sharma
Publisher Studium Press LLC
Year Of Publication 2006
ISBN 10 0-976184-93-1
ISBN 13 No
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Binding type No
Book Size(len) No
Series No
book size(hei) 9.5
Book size width 6.3
Edition 1st

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