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Nanotechnology Vol. 7: Diagnostics and Therapeutics

Author Name : Naveen Kumar Navaani & Shishir Sinha, Exec. Ed. J.N. Govil


  • Publisher : Studium Press LLC
  • Edition : 1st
  • ISBN 10 : 1-62699-007-7
  • Page no : 494
  • Publication Year : 2013

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Application of nanotechnology in medicine is now well established and recognized by the National Institute of Health as ‘Nanomedicine’. The amazing properties of nanoparticles have made them an interesting tool in targeted drug delivery, tissue engineering, cancer therapy and anti-microbial therapeutics. The advent of nanotechnology in medicine has heralded a new era in clinical treatments and holds the potential to save many live in the near future. The current volume carries plethora of information about the current and prospective applications of nanotechnology. Chapters on innovative cancer therapeutics, anti-microbials, tissue supports and drug delivery vehicles give an insight into the developments that are not only creating waves in research but also creating a profitable niche in the medical business. The volume will prove to be an asset for a student who holds interest in nanomedicine as it furnishes the reader with the fundamental concepts and gradually describes the latest developments. It will be a handy treatise for all the researchers who can easily update their knowledge base following the cutting edge technology described in the volume. A lot of invaluable nanomedicine products have been approved by the FDA and in times to come, the number is surely going to increase. Given such a bright prospect in the near future, the compilation certainly deserves a place in the bookshelf of every avid researcher in the field of nanotechnology.
Title Nanotechnology Vol. 7: Diagnostics and Therapeutics
Table of Content Nanomedicine: Future for Diagnostics and Therapeutics (USA). Bio Nano Material: The Third Alternative (EGYPT, NETHERLANDS AND SAUDI ARABIA). Novel Approach to Fabricate Magnetic Nanostructures for Biomedical Applications (ROMANIA). Applications of Nanotechnology in Medicine: A View (INDIA). Biomimetic Nanostructured Functionalized Hydroxyapatite for Biomedical Applications (ITALY). Multifunctional Nanomedicines for Cancer Therapy (USA, IRAN, GREECE AND SWITZERLAND). Nanooncology: Treating Cancer with Nanoparticles (BRAZIL). Drug Delivery Applications of the Magnetic Nanoparticles (TURKEY). Inorganic Nanomaterials as Revolutionary Devices in Drug Delivery Systems (REPUBLIC OF CHINA). Magnetic Nanoparticles: Magnetic Hyperthermia, Drug Delivery and Image Contrast (BRAZIL). Present and Future Applicability of Magnetic Nanoparticles in Radiology (GERMANY). Bioconjugation of Cytotoxic Drugs to Peptides, Proteins and Aptamers as Novel Nanostructures for Enhanced Anticancer Drug Delivery (IRAN). Enhanced Cell Growth on New Magnetic Scaffolds Containing Bioactive-Conjugated Nanoparticles for Tissue Engineering (ISRAEL). Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles by Lemon Leaves Extract and its Application for Antimicrobial Finish on Fabric (INDIA). Magnetophoresis of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles: A Tool for Synthesis Monitoring and Biomagnetic Applications (PORTUGAL AND SPAIN) Potential Biological Activities and Biosafety of Biogenic Nanoparticles (INDIA). Diagnostic and Therapeutic Nanomaterials that Respond to Cellular Environments(JAPAN). Application of Inorganic Nanoparticles for Achieving Antibacterial and Superhydrophobic Properties on Textiles: A Review (IRAN). Nanobiosystems with Optimized Antimicrobial and Quorum Sensing Inhibitory Activity (ROMANIA) Applications of Nanotechnology in Textiles (PORTUGAL). Appendix-I Table of Contents of Other Volumes of the Series Vols. 1 to 6 & 8 to 10 Subject Index
Page No. 494
Author's Name Naveen Kumar Navaani & Shishir Sinha, Exec. Ed. J.N. Govil
Publisher Studium Press LLC
Year Of Publication 2013
ISBN 10 1-62699-007-7
ISBN 13 No
About The Book No
Binding type No
Book Size(len) No
Series No
book size(hei) 10
Book size width 6.6
Edition 1st

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