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Nanotechnology Vol. 6: Energy and Environment

Author Name : Shishir Sinha & Naveen Kumar Navani, Exec. Ed. J.N. Govil


  • Publisher : Studium Press LLC
  • Edition : 1st
  • ISBN 10 : 1-62699-006-9
  • Page no : 444
  • Publication Year : 2013

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Nanotechnology plays a pivotal role in improving the environment and making alternative energy sources more cost effective. The role of nanotechnology includes cleaning up pollutants by bioremediation, generating low-producing green house gas combustion and energy systems, producing eco-friendly nanomaterials and sustainable energy sources. This volume emphasises on recent research progresses on nanotechnology based energy systems and pros and cons of various nanomaterials used as building blocks for efficient energy production units, and their adaptability in the environment. In this volume authors have discussed vividly and eloquently about the use of nanomaterials like graphene, graphane, carbon, silver, aluminium, manganese oxide as carriers and storage materials for hydrogen energy and their role in development of different solar cells and batteries cost effectively. They also discussed about different next generation technologies like microelectrical mechanical systems (MEMS), ground state heat pump(GHST) technology, production of complex hydrides based nanomaterials by radiation induced methods and aluminium based lithium batteries as a power source for emission free vehicles. The forte of this volume is its widespread research on the toxicological aspect of the nanomaterial and its impact on environment and health. The authors described different kinds of nanomaterials and their failure because of its adverse effects on environment due to toxicity, corrosion and low sustainability. Thus authors have identified alternate ecofriendly materials like silver, gold, palladium, platinum to be used in toxicity determination, ground water and soil bioremediation and also in mitigation of environment pollution.
Title Nanotechnology Vol. 6: Energy and Environment
Table of Content Recent Advances in Nanoenergetic Materials (USA). Clean and Green Energy Technologies: Sustainable Development and Environment (UK). Plants The Green Factories for Synthesis of Nanomaterials (INDIA). Nano-Toxicology in Built Environment (MALAYSIA). Solid Hydrogen Intercalation in Closed Graphane-Hydride like Nanostructures, Relevance to the Storage Applications (RUSSIA). Carbon Nanotubes and Graphenes in Energy Storage and Catalysis (INDIA). Nanocrystalline and Nanoporous Hydrogen Storages Production and Applications (UKRAINE). Aluminium Based Materials as Anode Materials for Lithium Ion Batteries (IRAN) Modeling of Molecular Materials for Hydrogen Storage Applications: A Theorist’s Perspective (INDIA). Silver Nanoparticles in Real Environments (URUGUAY). Solar Cell: Yesterday and Tomorrow (INDIA). Nanostructures for Schottky Solar Cells (KOREA). Nanostructured Manganese Oxide Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications (INDIA). Nanosized Zero-Valent Iron (nZVI) Supported by Clay Minerals: Synthesis, Characterization and Water Remediation (CHINA). Failure Analysis in Energy Related Materials and Coatings - Role of Nanostructured Materials for Sustainable Solutions (CANADA). Appendix-I. Table of Contents of Other Volumes of the Series Vols. 1 to 5 & 7 to 10 Subject Index
Page No. 444
Author's Name Shishir Sinha & Naveen Kumar Navani, Exec. Ed. J.N. Govil
Publisher Studium Press LLC
Year Of Publication 2013
ISBN 10 1-62699-006-9
ISBN 13 No
About The Book No
Binding type No
Book Size(len) No
Series No
book size(hei) 10
Book size width 6.6
Edition 1st

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