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Nanotechnology Vol. 1: Fundamentals and Applications

Author Name : Naveen Kumar Navaani & Shishir Sinha, Exec. Ed. J.N. Govil


  • Publisher : Studium Press LLC
  • Edition : 1st
  • ISBN 10 : 1-62699-001-8
  • Page no : 499
  • Publication Year : 2013

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Over the past decade, synthesis of nanomaterials has been extensively studied not only due to their captivating properties and theoretical studies but also for their potential in a broad range of applications. Most of the nanotechnology products are manufactured from atoms, however, interestingly. the properties of those products depend on how those atoms are arranged. With the help of nanotechnology one can congregate the elementary building blocks of nature in a way that may be completely unnatural or synthesising something closer to the existing structures. The strategies engaged in fabricating the nanomaterials can be grouped into two categories: “top-down” and “bottom-up”. This volume explores a range of methods adopted for the synthesis of different nanomaterials, various factors affecting the stability, methods to improve its synthesis characterization and applications. The volume beings with nanocomposite particle synthesis with enhanced chemical and physical properties, one step sol-gel synthesis of porous inorganic glasses, novel methods for protein nanoparticles synthesis in organic solvents, nanofluids synthesis with enhanced thermophysical properties for thermal engineering applications, synthesis and fictionalization of single and multiwalled carbon nanotubes for application in biomedical field, synthesis of metal nanoparticles with enhanced catalytic activity capable of reducing the polluting gases exhausted from automobiles. This volume also discusses preparation of mesoporous ceramic thin films and nanoporous iron anodic films, fabrications of gold nanowires and nanotubes, liquid phase synthesis of biometallic nanoparticles, porphyrinoids organic nanoparticles. aromatic polyamide particle and nanofiller synthesis. With the need of assessing the risk posed by nanotechnology, it is essential to characterise the nanomaterials being synthesised. A range of methods employed for characterisation, such as X-Ray diffraction, Scanning and transmission electron microscope, selected area electron diffraction (SAED), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR), dynamic light scattering (DLS), UV-spectrophotometry, Raman and energy dispersive X ray spectroscopy and Positron annihilation spectroscopy are explained in this volume. The sole purpose of this volume is to be the reference guide for the fundamentals, practical and theoretical knowledge of synthesis, characterisation and application of various nanomaterials for inter disciplinary under-graduates, graduates, engineers and researchers and scientists.
Title Nanotechnology Vol. 1: Fundamentals and Applications
Table of Content The Nanotechnologies World: Introduction, Applications and Modelling (ITALY). Natural and Engineered Nanomaterials: Fundamental Concepts and Applications (PORTUGAL). Applications of Nanofluids (U.K). Applications of Nanomaterials (INDIA). Risk Management and Nanomaterials (NETHERLANDS, USA). Nanotechnology Products (INDIA). Fabrication, Properties, and Applications of Porous Anodic Alumina Templates (CHINA). Applications of Ultra/Nanocrystalline Diamond Films (BRAZIL). Application of Nanofluid in Thermosyphon (TPCT) A–Review (THAILAND). Non-Volatile Memory Devices (INDIA, KOREA). Growth and Modification of Nanostructured Thin Films: Fundamental and Application Aspects (INDIA). The Theory of Quasi One-Dimensional and Two-Dimensional Polaron Structures (RUSSIA). Second Order Sliding Mode Control of MIMO Coupled Uncertain System (FRANCE). Synthesis and Applications of Electrospun Nanofibers - A review (INDIA). Applications of Nanotechnology in Plant Nutrition (INDIA). In-vitro Applications of Nanomaterials for Plants (INDIA). Appendix-I. Table of Contents of Other Volumes of the Series– Vols. 2 to 10. Subject Index
Page No. 499
Author's Name Naveen Kumar Navaani & Shishir Sinha, Exec. Ed. J.N. Govil
Publisher Studium Press LLC
Year Of Publication 2013
ISBN 10 1-62699-001-8
ISBN 13 No
About The Book No
Binding type No
Book Size(len) No
Series No
book size(hei) 10
Book size width 6.6
Edition 1st

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