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Male Infertility: Factors, Consequences and  Natural Remedies

Male Infertility: Factors, Consequences and Natural Remedies

Author Name : Manish Mathur


  • Publisher : Studium Press India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Edition : 1st
  • ISBN 13 : 978-93-80012-70-4
  • Page no : 446
  • Publication Year : 2016

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"This book primarily wrote to promulgate the message that what is going wrong and how simple things (mobile use, potato chips and smoking) affecting our future specifically male fertility. This semi-technical book will be useful for both medical as well as non-medical researchers that simply explain the global and regional magnitude of male infertility, their associated factors, aphrodisiac meaning, needs and their historical perspective in different cultures of the world and finally a comparative evaluation among various synthetic, herbal and animal sources for correcting this worldwide problem. The book consists five chapters that discuss various attributes associate with male infertility and a database of more than 200 aphrodisiac herbal species with their different characteristic like taxonomy, distributions, phytochemistry, pharmacological and clinical validation of aphrodisiac properties. Five chapters consisting 24 tables and 26 figures. Further, the various attributes associated with male infertility and their outcome pathways were supported and explained with the help of 1461 different reference material. The salient features of this book includes • Diversify meaning of aphrodisiac substances and their uses in various civilizations, need of aphrodisiac substances, male infertility epidemiology (global and the Indian status). • Biological meaning of male infertility, mechanism of different male genital organs, hormonal mechanism and mode of actions – the Viagra and other alternative drugs. • Major casual factors associated with male infertility like biological factors, smoking, obesity, industrial chemical, pesticides, oxidative stress, drugs (anti-depressant drugs), and medical conditions like depression, neurological disorders and modern life style. • Mechanistic roles of factors that promote male fertility like zinc, nitric oxide, anti-oxidants etc. • Qualitative and quantitative methods for evaluation of aphrodisiac potential of a natural substance. Plant and animal based aphrodisiacs with their related information's."
Table of Content Aphrodisiac: Meaning, Types, their Needs and Global Scenarios of Male InfertBiological Meaning of Male Infertility and Their Associated Fors,Causes of Male InfertiliMechanistic Role’s of Factors Associated with Male Ferty, Potential Aphrodisiac Sources atheir EvaluatioConclus,References,Subject Index
Series No
Title Male Infertility: Factors, Consequences and Natural Remedies
Author's Name Manish Mathur
Publisher Studium Press India Pvt. Ltd.
Page No. 446
Year Of Publication 2016
ISBN 10 No
ISBN 13 978-93-80012-70-4
Book size width 9.4
book size(hei) 6.3
Edition 1st
Book Size(len) No
Binding type No
About The Book No

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