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Green Technology : Bioactives Extraction

Author Name : O.P. Nautiyal


  • Publisher : Studium Press (India) Pvt Ltd
  • Edition : 1st
  • ISBN 13 : 978-93-80012-81-0
  • Page no : 456
  • Publication Year : 2017

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The book covers the extraction technologies like Supercritical Carbon Dioxide, microwave assisted extraction and ultrasonic assisted extraction. These are the greenest technologies in the modern time as well for 21st century. Most advantageous feature of the supercritical carbon dioxide is that the solvent which employed is cheaper, non inflammable, non corrosive, non toxic, recyclable and enhance the shelf life of the processed products for the use in perfumes, flavors, foods, ice creams, pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals. It does not have the contamination issues too like the solvents used in the conventional and even so called green MAE and UAE. It describes theory of supercritical fluid like critical properties of solvent, comparison of gas, fluid and liquid, phase diagram, schematic operation, and applications of technology in the various fields along with thermodynamic considerations. It mentions the natural products extraction and their thermodynamic models and thermodynamic relationships. It explains the applications of supercritical carbon dioxide in various fields like vegetables oils, fish oils, aero gel formations. sterilization adopted by the business around the world. It involves producing many nutraceuticals with their food supplement benefits such as reducing the risk of hypertension and control of hyperlipidimic conditions. Enzymes studied thoroughly under supercritical conditions for transesterification and esterification. Types and properties of antioxidants are also described in detail. It covers carotenoids, sterols, vitamin E, alkaloids, and energy analysis. The change of energy or the change of maximum theoretical useful work of applied extraction techniques was used in this study for calculating the loss of the energy efficiency. It will give the readers the benefits of understanding the commercial SFE facility in natural products and food industries.
Title Green Technology : Bioactives Extraction
Table of Content Theory of Supercritical Fluid Extraction,Natural Products by Supercritical Fluid Extraction and Their Thermodynamic Models,Applications of Supercritical Carbon Dioxide,Heat and Mass Transfer by Supercritical Carbon Dioxi,Food Processing by Supercritical Carbon DioxiBio-Actives and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients by Supercritical Carbon Dioxi,Natural Food Colors by Supercritical Carbon Dioxides ,Conventional Green Extraction Technologies,Nomenclatures ,References,Subject Index
Page No. 456
Author's Name O.P. Nautiyal
Publisher Studium Press (India) Pvt Ltd
Year Of Publication 2017
ISBN 10 No
ISBN 13 978-93-80012-81-0
About The Book No
Binding type No
Book Size(len) No
Series No
book size(hei) 9.4
Book size width 6.3
Edition 1st

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