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Fundamentals of Aerospace Engineering

Author Name : Rajesh Kumar Arora


  • Publisher : Studium Press LLC
  • Edition : 1st
  • ISBN 10 : 1-933699-95-7
  • Page no : 278
  • Publication Year : 2012

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There is no single book on aerospace engineering which covers basics of aircraft, rockets and spacecraft at one place. The information on these topics is very much scattered. As aerospace engineering is multi-disciplinary in nature, only a strong foundation on different areas will help readers in judiciously designing aerospace components. The book deals with fundamentals of aircraft, rockets and spacecraft. The topics discussed are from the discipline of aerodynamics, propulsion, performance, stability, control, structures, orbital mechanics and spacecraft subsystems. The text is presented in lucid style with suitable illustrations and practical examples. This will lay not just a strong foundation for the readers but also creates an interest in pursuing a career in aerospace engineering. For the benefit of readers, relevant mathematics chapter is included in the beginning as this will help in understanding aerospace concepts presented in later chapters. The book also introduces to advanced topics in aerospace engineering such as space debris, smart structure, turbulence, rendezvous and docking, multi disciplinary design optimization and manned flight. The book is certainly useful for students who are getting introduced to aerospace engineering. Additionally, it is helpful for practicing aerospace engineers who are working in one domain and would like to grasp concepts from other domains.
Title Fundamentals of Aerospace Engineering
Table of Content Preface. INTRODUCTION: Aerospace Engineering History. Operational Launch Vehicles and Aircraft. Organization of the Book. Bibliography. BASIC MATHEMATICS: Introduction. Vector Algebra. Matrix Algebra. Calculus. Differential Equations. Numerical Methods. Laplace Transform. Probability and Statistics. Bibliography. AERODYNAMICS: Introduction. Fundamentals. Airfoils. Finite Wings. Flow Regimes. Boundary Layer. Aerodynamic Aspects of Aircraft. Aerodynamic Aspects of Rockets. Computational Fluid Dynamics. Wind Tunnel Testing. Chapter Highlights. Summary of Formulae. Bibliography. Problems. PROPULSION: Introduction. Aircraft Propulsion- Thrust, Propulsive Efficiency, Thrust Specific fuel consumption, Brayton cycle, Reciprocating engines, Gas turbine engines, Ramjet engines. Rocket Propulsion-Types of nozzle, Solid motor, Liquid engine. Chapter Highlights. Summary of Formulae. Bibliography. Problems. PERFORMANCE OF AIRCRAFT AND ROCKETS: Introduction. Aircraft Performance- Equations of motion, Thrust requirements of a level flight, Stall speed, Gliding flight, Range and Endurance, Dynamic performance, V-n diagram, Winds. Rocket Performance- Multi-staging, Ascent trajectory. Chapter Highlights. Summary of Formulae. Bibliography. Problems. STABILITY AND CONTROL: Introduction. Aircraft Stability- Longitudinal, Directional and Lateral. Rocket Stability and Control. Chapter Highlights. Summary of Formulae. Bibliography. Problems. AEROSPACE STRUCTURES: Introduction. Stress. Strain. Margin of Safety. Stress Concentration and Fatigue. Bending and Torsion. Fracture. Loads. Structural Components. Materials. Structural Analysis. Aeroelasticity. Experimental Analysis. Chapter Highlights. Summary of Formulae. Bibliography. Problems. ORBITAL MECHANICS: Introduction. Kepler's Laws of Planetary Motion. Newton's Law of Gravitation. Conic Sections. Two-Body Motion. Kepler's Equation. Classical Orbital Elements. Coordinate Systems. Orbital Perturbations. Orbital Maneuvers. Interplanetary Trajectory Design. Chapter Highlights. Summary of Formulae. Bibliography. Problems. SPACECRAFT: Introduction. Spacecraft Subsystems- Structures, Propulsion, Attitude Control, Thermal Control, Power System, Data management, Communications. Chapter Highlights. Summary of
Formulae. Bibliography. Problems. ADVANCED TOPICS: Introduction. Space Debris. Smart Structures. Turbulence. Rendezvous and Docking (RVD). Multidisciplinary Design Optimization (MDO). Manned Mission. Bibliography. INDEX
Page No. 278
Author's Name Rajesh Kumar Arora
Publisher Studium Press LLC
Year Of Publication 2012
ISBN 10 1-933699-95-7
ISBN 13 No
About The Book No
Binding type No
Book Size(len) No
Series No
book size(hei) 9.6
Book size width 6.6
Edition 1st

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