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Environmental Science and Engineering Volume 2 : Biodiversity and Conservation

Author Name : Bhola R Gurjar, Anil Kumar and J N Govil


  • Publisher : Studium Press LLC
  • Edition : 1st
  • ISBN 10 : 1-62699-090-5
  • Page no : 394
  • Publication Year : 2017

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Biodiversity is the variety of life on earth within and between all the species of plants, animals, micro-organisms and the biosphere in which they live and interact. It includes millions of different species that live on earth besides the genetic differences within species. Extinction is a native process that takes place over long period of times because of natural shifts in the environment. Last century witnessed a large number of species going extinct at an alarming rate due to environmental changes of habitat loss and pollution caused by human activities. Passenger pigeon, paradise parrot, desert rat kangaroo, Tasmanian tiger, Arabian ostrich and hundreds more are now extinct. Biodiversity needs to be conserved because it is essential for life support system and makes life sustainable on earth. Wetlands filter pollutants from water, plants and trees reduce global warming by absorbing Co2 and micro-organisms break down organic material and fertilize the soil. Medicines originating from plants and animal species save millions of lives and relieve tremendous suffering. In this context, volume 2 presents articles on biodiversity and conservation from biodiversity of medicinal plants and their conservation to bioactivity of mushrooms to molecular diversity of fish to threats to marine and forest biodiversity. The volume 2 provides discussion on the following topics: • Biodiversity and conservation • Tapping into biodiversity: From metagenomics to industrial enzymes • Trichoderma: Biodiversity and species concepts • Diversity and distribution of earthworms in Kollam district of Kerala • Diversity towards seeds morphology, anatomy and physiology for endemic species in Madagascar • Conservation of medicinal plants • Endophytic fungal diversity in medicinal plants • Carum copticum herb for treatment of important human diseases • Bioactivity of mushrooms: Exploitable properties for drug development and health care • Vascular flora of rocky outcrops in an ecotonal area in north-eastern Brazil • Molecular diversity of fish based on DNA markers • Threats to marine biodiversity in Arabian gulf • Integrated management of coral bleaching and migration • Biodiversity: Threats and conservation • European union and Greek forestry The volume spreads over 15 articles contributed by 31 authors representing 8 nations viz. Bahrain, Brazil, England, Greece, India, Madagascar, Malaysia and United States of America giving an overview of the activities being carried out in different parts of the world by researchers on Biodiversity and Conservation.
Title Environmental Science and Engineering Volume 2 : Biodiversity and Conservation
Table of Content Foreword to the Series, Editorial Board , About the Editors, List of Contributors, About the Series xv
Preface, Biodiversity and Conservation , Tapping into Biodiversity: From Metagenomics to Industrial Enzymes, Trichoderma: Biodiversity and Species Concepts , Diversity and Distribution of Earthworms in Relation to Altitude and Soil Factors of Kollam District, Kerala State, India Diversity Towards Seeds Morphology, Anatomy and Physiology for Endemic Species in Madagascar
Conservation of Medicinal Plants , Endophytic Fungal Diversity in Medicinal Plants , Carum copticum: A Herb for the Treatment of Important Human Diseases, Bioactivity of Mushrooms: Exploitable Properties for Drug Development and Health Care, Vascular Flora of Rocky Outcrops in an Ecotonal Area in Brazilian Northeastern, Molecular Diversity of Fish Based on DNA Markers 226
Threats to Marine Biodiversity: The Case of the Arabian Gulf , Coral Bleaching and Migration: Steps for Integrated Management, Biodiversity-Threats and Conservation , European Union and Greek Forestry Appendix-I: Table of Contents of the Series Environmental Science & Engineering (Vols. 1 to 12), Subject Index 363
Page No. 394
Author's Name Bhola R Gurjar, Anil Kumar and J N Govil
Publisher Studium Press LLC
Year Of Publication 2017
ISBN 10 1-62699-090-5
ISBN 13 No
About The Book No
Binding type No
Book Size(len) No
Series No
book size(hei) 9
Book size width 6
Edition 1st

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