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Environment and Photosynthesis: A Future Prospect

Author Name : Vijay Pratap Singh, Samiksha Singh, Rachana Singh & Sheo Mohan Prasad


  • Publisher : Studium Press (India) Pvt. Ltd.
  • Edition : 1st
  • ISBN 13 : 978-93-85046-20-9
  • Page no : 461 + xii
  • Publication Year : 2018

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This comprehensive book describes the basics of photosynthesis, how life was originated and what significant changes were made after origin of photosynthesis, the differences in bacterial and higher plants’ photosynthesis and the evolution and interrelation of different components of photosynthetic machinery. In this chain, different fossil records were provided to put the origin and evolution of photosynthesis beginning from cyanobacteria to higher plants. This book briefed the past hypothesis in research of photosynthetic and the changing mind-sets regarding photosynthesis in recent and future. The book includes different views regarding the effect of different environmental factors on thyllakoid membranes, photosynthetic pigments, reaction centres, antenna system, electron transport chain, photosystems, carbon fixation reactions, RuBisCo, etc., under prevailing conditions in the current scenario. The modern technique i.e. fluorescence has also been discussed, which is ecofriendly and generally used to know the performance of PS II photochemistry and to pinpoint the target sites of particular environmental stress. This book includes adaptation strategies including activity of enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidant compounds and recovery of photosynthetic apparatus under adverse conditions. Then the broad range of mechanisms including genetic engineering by engineering the photosynthesis-related genes, have been argued to improved the photosynthetic efficiency of plants to encounter the prevailing conditions as well as to improve the quality and quantity of crops by some growth promoting substances implied for the welfare of human beings.
Table of Content About the Editors Preface Life in Ancient Era: The Evolution of Photosynthesis (Bacterio) Chlorophyll-Based Phototrophy and Photosynthesis in Prokaryotes: Biochemical Structural and Evolutionary Aspects The JIP Test: A Tool to Determine the Response to the DEP Stress inGreater Duckweed What Alters Plant Photosynthetic Regulatory Mechanism in Environments? Photosynthesis Under Stressful Environmental Conditions: Existing Challenges Influence of Some Critical Factors on Photosynthetic Efficacy of Forest Plants at Juvenile Stage Regulation of Photosynthesis Under Low and High Temperature Regulation of Photosynthesis Under Metal Stress Regulation of Photosynthesis Under Salinity and Drought Stress Plant Photosynthetic Response to Metal (loid) Stress Eco-Physiological Adaptations of Halophytes for Sustaining Under 210
High Saline Environment: Implications from Ion Homeostasis Photosynthesis And Photosystem II Efficiency Responses of Photosynthesis Under Metal Stress Regulation of Photosynthesis in Algae Under Metal Stress Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Photosynthesis Under Abiotic Stress Photosynthesis Under Abiotic Stress Environment Damaging Effects of Ultra Violet Radiations (UVR) on Photosynthetic Apparatus Impact of UV-B Radiation on Photosynthesis and Productivity of Crop Estimation of Gross Primary Productivity of Terrestrial Ecosystems from Space Photosynthesis of Two Halophytes of Coastal Zone of Holarctic Seas: The Structure and Functional Aspects Plant Hormones and Photosynthesis: Role Under Abiotic Stress Improvement in Photosynthesis by Osmoprotectants Improvement in Photosynthesis by Secondary Metabolites Subject Index"
Series No
Title Environment and Photosynthesis: A Future Prospect
Author's Name Vijay Pratap Singh, Samiksha Singh, Rachana Singh & Sheo Mohan Prasad
Publisher Studium Press (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Page No. 461 + xii
Year Of Publication 2018
ISBN 10 No
ISBN 13 978-93-85046-20-9
Book size width 11
book size(hei) 8
Edition 1st
Book Size(len) No
Binding type Hard bound
About The Book No

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