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Comprehensive Bioactive Natural Product 8 Vols. Set

Author Name : V. K. Gupta


  • Publisher : Studium Press LLC
  • Edition : 1st
  • ISBN 10 : 1-933699-50-7
  • Publication Year : 2010

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Natural abounds with a rich potential heritage of bio-active natural products as that have been exploited for effective and beneficial use either as a therapeutic resource against a human disease or mas a chemo -preventive, antioxidant , nutraceutical or diet supplement. A natural product is a substance or a chemical compound produced by a living organism found in nature that usually has a pharmacological or biological activity. Some of these agents are derived from terrestrial plants, whereas, others are obtained from microorganisms, marine or freshwater organism and even the higher animals. Past few decades have witnessed an unprecedented worldwide growth in the interest of bioactive natural products based medicines, both in developed and developing countries and offer a resource-pool for lead identification in drug discovery owing to the reason that isolation of a novel molecule is easier that de novo synthesis, especially when the molecular structure of the compound is very complex. On account of such advantages pharmaceutical companies are opting for bioactive natural products based drugs. More than 20 new drugs , launched world over between 2000 and 2005 originate from natural products. Scrutiny of medical indications by source of compounds has been demonstrated that natural products and related drugs are used to treat 87% of all categorized human disease (infectious and non-infectious). The development of new bioassays techniques, biotechnology methods, screening and high performance analytical methods have introduced new concepts and possibilities of rational drug design and drug discovery. Interest in bioactive natural products research is growing more strongly and can be attributed to several factors, including remarkable diversity of natural products, unment therapeutic needs, the development of novel and sensitive techniques to detect, isolate, purify and structurally characterize these active constituents. This has opened opportunities for multidisciplinary research that joins the forces product chemistry, molecular and cellular biology, synthetic and analytical chemistry, bio-chemistry, bio-technology, general biology and pharmacology to exploit the vast diversity of bioactive natural products. Taking cognizance of these facts, we have initiated efforts in editing the present series “Comprehensive Bioactive Natural Products” and brought eight volumes (1 to 8) providing edited information from over 139 original research and review articles by eminent scientists and researchers from India and abroad, representing 40 countries of the world on wide range of topics in the area of natural products categorized under the themes. 1. Potential & Challenges 2. Efficacy, Safety & Clinical Evaluation I 3. Efficacy, Safety & Clinical Evaluation II 4. Antioxidant & Nutraceuticals 5. Immune-modulation & vaccine adjuvants 6. Extraction, isolation & characterization 7. Structural modifications & drug development 8. Quality Control & standardization These volumes critically evaluate the present state-of-art, current status and future prospects in a well-illustrated manner. It is hoped that this series , which reflects the contributor’s research results as well as worldwide reviews will be widely read and used by all interested in these fields and shall open new vistas of research and academic pursuit for those engaged in the fields of bioactive natural products.
Title Comprehensive Bioactive Natural Product 8 Vols. Set
Table of Content Please see the Table of Contents in respective vols.
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Author's Name V. K. Gupta
Publisher Studium Press LLC
Year Of Publication 2010
ISBN 10 1-933699-50-7
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Edition 1st

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