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Advances in Integrated Pest and Disease Management in Horticultural Crops , Vol. 2: Vegetable Crops

Author Name : P. Parvatha Reddy


  • Publisher : Studium Press (India) Pvt Ltd
  • Edition : 1st
  • ISBN 13 : 978-8190757-78-2
  • Page no : 370
  • Publication Year : 2009

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Successful cultivation of vegetables is hampered due to the incidence of several insect pests, diseases and nematodes. Pest management in vegetables in South Asia is a very complex issue in view of the sub-tropical climate, intensive cultivation of high yielding varieties/hybrids under high fertigation, off-season production, lack of adequate knowledge on plant nutrition and protection, economic constraints to maximize qualitative returns and inability to afford risk. A total of 65 million MT as pre-harvest losses in vegetables due to diseases alone in the world have been estimated that accounts for 10.5%. Many IPM technologies using trap crops, botanicals and bioagents have been developed in some vegetables and a few are validated in farmers’ field. The information on pests, diseases and nematodes on vegetable crops is very much scattered. There is no book at present which comprehensively and exclusively deals with the above aspects on vegetable crops. The present book deals with integrated pest, disease and nematode management in vegetable crops in detail using regulatory, physical, cultural, chemical, biological, host plant resistance and integrated methods. This book is a practical guide to growers of vegetable crops. Further, it is a useful reference to students, researchers, extension workers and policy makers. The book can also be used for teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses as well.
Title Advances in Integrated Pest and Disease Management in Horticultural Crops , Vol. 2: Vegetable Crops
Table of Content Vegetable Crops: International Scenario, Indian Scenario, Export of Vegetable L33Produce, Pest Scenario, Disease Scenario, Nematode Scenario, Solanaceous Vegetable Crops: Potato, Tomato, Brinjal, Chilli, Bell Pepper, Bulbous Vegetable Crops: Onion and Garlic, Malvaceous Vegetable Crops: Okra, Cruciferous Vegetable Crops: Cabbage and Cauliflower, Leguminous Vegetable Crops: Pea, French bean, Cowpea, Pigeonpea, Cluster bean, Field bean, Leafy Vegetable Crops: Amaranthus, Lettuce, Spinach, Curry Leaf, Drumstick, Cucurbitaceous Vegetable Crops: Pumpkin, Cucumber, Pointed Gourd, Bottle Gourd, Ridge Gourd, Bitter Gourd, Watermelon, Muskmelon, Gherkin, Root Vegetable Crops: Radish, Beet Root, Carrot, Turnip, Mushrooms, Vegetable Crops Under Protected Cultivation: Tomato, Bell Pepper, Pesticide Residues in Vegetable Crops: Contamination of Vegetables with Pesticide Residues, Persistence of Terminal Pesticide Residues and Waiting Periods for Vegetables, Implications of Pesticide Residues and Safety Measures, Management of Excess Pesticide Residues, Pesticides/Pesticide Formulations Banned in India, Allied Topics in Pest Management: Use of Power Sprayers, Use of Stickers/Spreaders, Preparation f Bordeaux Mixture and Bordeaux Paste, Preparation of 4% Neem Seed Kernel Extract, Seed Treatment for Storage, Control of Rodents, Control of Termites, Control of Root Grubs, Ready Reckoner for Making Pesticide Spray Solutions, Compatibility Chart, Waiting Periods for Different Pesticides on Vegetable Crops, Pest and Disease Management in Nurseries, Soil Solarization, Biopesticides, Enrichment of FYM with Bioagents, Seed Biopriming/Solid Matrix Priming, Formulation of Alginated Pellets of Biocontrol Agents, Production of Bioagent Colonized Seedlings, Traditional Pest Control, Sources of Critical Inputs for the Management of Pests and Diseases: Insecticides, Fungicides, Rodenticides, Nematicides, Predators, Parasitoids, Pathogens, Pheromones, Neem-Based and Other Botanicals .
Page No. 370
Author's Name P. Parvatha Reddy
Publisher Studium Press (India) Pvt Ltd
Year Of Publication 2009
ISBN 10 No
ISBN 13 978-8190757-78-2
About The Book No
Binding type N/A
Book Size(len) No
Series No
book size(hei) 9.7
Book size width 7.3
Edition 1st

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