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A Practical Approach to Advanced Databases 

Author Name : E.Padmalatha.


  • Publisher : Studium Press (India) Pvt. Ltd
  • Edition : 1st
  • ISBN 13 : 97809385046292
  • Page no : 204
  • Publication Year : 2018

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"The A Practical Approach to Advanced Databases"" consists of the advanced topics in the databases. Undergraduate students of engineering will study up to the relational databases, advanced data bases contain object oriented data bases concepts which are help full in the modeling of complex data bases. This proposed book consists of totally six topics which briefly giving the explanation of object oriented databases, XML, Parallel data bases, Temporal & spatial databases, distributed databases and multimedia data bases. In the first unit object oriented databases is discussed. It is covering the topics on advantages of using OODBMS, complex data types. Applications of Persistent programming languages ,ODL. Accessing objects in RDBMS is discussed. In the second unit it is describing the XML language .Syntax of XML schema ,Comparison of XML and relational model. Application interface to XML and converting XML to relational data base is also discussed. In the third unit is about parallel databases. Complete details of parallel databases are discussed. Three case studies are considered to give practical approach to parallel data bases. A topic on how create the parallel data base is also discussed. In fourth unit temporal and spatial data bases are discussed in the point of data structures to be used. Query processing and query optimization is discussed. Where ever it is possible by taking the help of SQL examples ,concept is explained. In fifth unit it is clearly giving the details of distributed data bases. In this unit architecture is considered. A detail discussion on Distributed links are presented. Concurrency control in distributed system is discussed in terms of protocols . Examples are considered where ever is necessary.Sixth unit is very interesting now a days in databases not only storing text we are storing the images also, so the multimedia databases how they store the image, and when ever required how retrieve it is focused as the part of MMDBMS. All concepts in the textbook are explained with the practical oriented approach.
Table of Content About the Author-Acknowledgement-Preface-1. Object Based Databases –1.1 Introduction –1.2 Object Based Databases –1.3 Persistent Programming Languages –1.4 Attributes and Relations in Object Model –1.5 Object Definition Language (ODL) –1.6 Accessing Object with RDBMS and OODBMS –1.7 Summary –2. Extensible Markup Language –2.1 Introduction –2.2 Structured, Semi Structured andUnstructured Data –2.3 XML Model –2.4 Query Languages –2.5 XML Document Decomposed into a Relation –2.6 XML API with Database –2.7 Conclusion –3. Parallel Database –3.1 Introduction –3.2 The Benefits of Parallel Database –3.3 Parallel Server Configuration –3.4 Parallel Execution 3.5Guidelines for Effective Partitioning –3.6 Parallel Hardware Architecture – 3.7 Parallelizing Operations –3.8 Parallelism between Operations –3.9 Parallelism between Operations –3.10Implement Hashed or Fine Grain Locking –3.11 Summary –4. Temporal Databases –4.1 Introduction –4.2 The Time Stamp Model –4.3 Temporal Database Design –4.4 Temporal Extensions of SQL –4.5 Incorporating Time in Object-Oriented Databases –4.6 Spatial Databases –4.7 Spatial Database Design –4.8 Spatial Database Management –4.9 Spatial Query Language –4.10 Query Processing –4.11 File Organization and Indices –4.12 Summary –5. Distributed Databases –5.1 Introduction –5.2 Distributed Dbms Architectures –5.3 Design Alternatives –5.4 DistributedDatabases vs. Distributed Processing –vs. Replicated Database5.5 Database Links –5.6 Concurrency Control –5.7 Serializability –5.8 Distributed Query Processing –5.9 Query Language –5.10 Directory System –5.11 Summary –6. Multimedia Database –6.1 Introduction –6.2 Contents of MMDB –6.3 MM Database Architectures – 6.4 Query Processing –6.5 Differentiate betweenConventional Database and –Real Time Database6.6 Multimedia Database ManagementSystem, Properties –6.7 Relation between the Operating System and MDBMS –6.8 Summary –7. Bibliography –8. Subject Index –
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Title A Practical Approach to Advanced Databases 
Author's Name E.Padmalatha.
Publisher Studium Press (India) Pvt. Ltd
Page No. 204
Year Of Publication 2018
ISBN 10 No
ISBN 13 97809385046292
Book size width 9.5
book size(hei) 6.5
Edition 1st
Book Size(len) No
Binding type Hard bound
About The Book No

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