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A Handbook of MATLAB® Programming for Mechanical Engineers

Author Name : MD Irfan Ali


  • Publisher : Studium Press LLC
  • Edition : 1st
  • ISBN 10 : 1-62669-105-7
  • Page no : 172
  • Publication Year : 2018

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"A Handbook of MATLAB® Programming for Mechanical EngineersFollowing are the salient features of this text:Introduction to programming tools to solve engineering problems.Explanation of 2-D and 3-D plotting toolProgramming to do differentiation and integration of transcendental equations.Programming to solve non-linear equations.Programming to do curve-fitting for experimental data.Programming to solve ordinary differential equations.Programming to solve partial differential equations.Introduction of ‘pdetool’ GUI to solve elliptic partial differential equations. Typical problems from turbomachinery, fluid mechanics and heat transfer subjects are solved using the MATLAB programming tools.This text can be used as a supplementary material for the courses Numerical Methods for Engineers, Advanced Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer, Finite Element Methods, Modelling and Simulation of Thermal Systems and MATLAB programming Lab.MD Irfan Ali is a Lecturer in Thermal and Aerospace Engineering Program at Adama Science and Technology University, Ethiopia. He did his Masters in Energy Engineering from SRM University, India. His research includes study of solar-thermal systems, study of photo-catalysts, and study of Nano-fluids. He has authored a monograph Analysis of solar desalination plant at SRM University. He has contributed a book chapter on Thermal analysis of solar pond in Energy Science and Technology Vol. 5: Solar Engineering -1(Applications). He is deeply interested in the process of learning engineering education and has produced e-learning videos on various subjects with the collaboration of KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency) at Adama Science and Technology University. He won the best presentation award for his e-learning videos. .
Table of Content "Foreword About the Author Preface Acknowledgment 1. Introduction to Matlab –1.1 Introduction –1.2 Windows in Matlab –1.3 ‘Help’ and ‘Doc’ Commands –1.4 Commands for Managing Command Window –and Workspace Window1.5 Important Punctuations ‘;’ and ‘%’ –1.6 Recalling the Previous Commands Using the –‘Up Arrow’ of the KeyboardSummary –2. Matrix Operations and in-Built Mathematical –Functions 2.1 Generation of Matrices –2.2 Generation of Special Matrices in Matlab –2.3 Matrix Operations –2.4 Generation of Random Numbers –2.5 Solving Simultaneous Linear Equations –2.6 Display Formats for Output –2.7 Built in Math Functions –2.8 Rounding Functions in Matlab –2.9 Basic Conversion Functions in Matlab –2.10 ‘Linspace’ and ‘Logspace’ Functions –Summary –3. Plotting of Graphs –3.1 Plotting in Matlab –3.2 Two-Dimensional Plotting Commands –3.3 Three-Dimensional PlottingCommands –Summary –4. Programming in Matlab –4.1 Relational Operators and Logical Operators –4.2 Order of Precedence –4.3 Input and Output Commands –4.4 ‘If’ Statement –4.5 ‘Switch’ Statement –4.6 ‘For’ Loop –4.7 Function File –Summary –5. Polynomials Curve Fiting ODEs and PDE's –5.1 Functions for Handling Polynomials –5.2 Functions for Performing Differentiation and –Integration5.3 Solving Non-Linear Equations –5.4 Curve Fitting or Regression Analysis –5.5 Solving Odes –5.5.1 ‘Ode45’ and ‘Bvp4c’ Solvers –5.6 Solving Pdes –5.6.1 ‘Pdepe’ Solver –5.6.2 ‘Pdetool’ Gui –Summary –Appendix: In-Built Matlab Functions –Index –

Series No
Title A Handbook of MATLAB® Programming for Mechanical Engineers
Author's Name MD Irfan Ali
Publisher Studium Press LLC
Page No. 172
Year Of Publication 2018
ISBN 10 1-62669-105-7
ISBN 13 No
Book size width 9.5
book size(hei) 6.5
Edition 1st
Book Size(len) No
Binding type Hard bound
About The Book No

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